Le Cagole Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is an integral aspect of the Le Cagole identity, firmly embedded in its values and overarching strategy. Le Cagole’s dedication to sustainability aims to make positive contributions to “People,” “Planet,” and “Culture.” The company’s aspiration to have a meaningful impact within the industry and beyond aligns seamlessly with the increasing demand from its clients and partners for open dialogue, transparency, and environmentally responsible practices.

Le Cagole places significant importance on environmental protection, actively participating in and fostering virtuous behaviors that not only contribute to sustainable long-term growth but also serve as exemplary practices for the entire industry.



Le Cagole is revolutionizing the way people experience luxury by introducing a unique concept of renting designer bags in collaboration with upscale hotels.

This innovative approach not only allows fashion enthusiasts to indulge in the allure of high-end designer accessories but also aligns with a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. By offering the opportunity to rent coveted designer bags during hotel stays.

Le Cagole promotes a circular fashion economy, reducing the need for constant purchases and encouraging a more mindful approach to luxury. This distinctive blend of fashion and hospitality transforms the way individuals engage with designer items, providing a sophisticated and sustainable alternative to traditional ownership.